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A new social network for the healthcare industry

Posted on 09 September 2012 by MCM

There is a new social network that may have a very bright future, which is beginning to gain mention in tech blogs and in the healthcare industry. The new social network, Healtheo360, is a website dedicated to helping individuals who are currently suffering from breast cancer, diabetes and other conditions find support from others who have gone through it.

Healtheo360 homepage

Healtheo360 has a simple layout, designed to help newbie Internet users navigate the site without confusion. It’s simple three tab navigation, is elegant and easy. The site generally consists of two primary content areas: stories and support groups. Healtheo360 creates community-based support groups for diabetes as well as other conditions like breast cancer.

The website allows users to upload videos, create profiles and interact with other users who have the same conditions. It also allows users who are related to patients or caregivers. The core idea is to build an extended support community online and help give an outlet to individuals looking for hope and inspiration.

Some users have begun to use the site in creative ways like posting videos related to food or their family values. One such user has decided to share cooking recipes like this chicken recipe for diabetes patients.

The site appears to be growing at a rapid rate and looks to have a very bright future–as it has a straightforward purpose and meaningful relationship to it’s user-base.

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